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Discover what you and your business needs to do to get Futureproof

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Future Proof
Future Proof Business Book Awards

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Future Proof
Future Proof

Find your slice of P.I.E and get started now

Discover what you and your business needs to do to get Futureproof

Business Book Awards

Reviews and Articles:

"Both eye-opening and educative, yet fiercely practical.
No one in business should be without it."
Rod Banner, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Investor

Caleb Storkey

Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur, international trainer and consultant, in innovation, entrepreneurism and marketing. Founder and CEO of Storkey Media, an integrated marketing agency, Caleb works internationally with a wide range of businesses from multinationals (RBS, AMEX, Canon) to highly disruptive and fast growth tech start-ups.

A passionate, dynamic speaker and communicator, Caleb works in the cross section between business growth, human emotions and technological advancement. Caleb bridges both the strategic 30,000ft view alongside creating implementable programmes that create strategic change and transformation for leaders and their businesses.


Minter Dial

Minter Dial is an international professional speaker & consultant on Branding and Digital Strategy, working with multinational brands around the globe.

Before striking out on his own, ​Minter led a 16-year international career with the L'Oréal Group where he was a member of the Executive Committee worldwide, in charge of eBusiness, Business Development and Education.

He is the author of the book and producer of the award-winning documentary film, The Last Ring Home. In addition, he is host of the podcast MinterDialogue.



There is a lot of talk about Disruption. Everyone is looking to be the Uber of Something. What does it mean for your business to be Futureproof? How do you ensure that you’re responding to the right technology? What thinking is essential when it comes to rolling your sleeves up and implementing solutions well?

Futureproof explores the three core mindsets and twelve disruptive technologies that you must have in today’s age to help you grow your business, see success and get ready for the next disruption.

Future Proof

what others are saying

"I live by a quote that I once picked up from Tom Peters. The quote is from General Eric Shinseki who said: 'if you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less.' Disruption affects everyone. B2B, B2C, small, medium and large organizations. Even those who are the disruptors are now being disrupted. What's a brand to do? Thankfully, Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey have the answer. ​"​​Futureproof, Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption" does, exactly, what the title states. Be ready or be disrupted."

Mitch Joel, President, Mirum - Author, Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete

"After many decades of companies forcing mediocre products and services upon consumers who had very little choice, we’re now in an era where buyers are in charge because of the real-time availability of near perfect digital information. As Minter and Caleb show, true disruption comes from deeply understanding consumers and adopting a mindset of serving them in this new world. It’s not easy to disrupt, but the rewards for doing so are enormous."

David Meerman Scott, Best-selling Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in 29 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese

"The new mindset of “Ready For Disruption" integrates the best of feminine attributes to balance the old masculine mindset. Meaning, collaboration, empathy, empowerment, transparency, sharing... these are the operative functions that will allow you to gracefully handle the disruptive forces of our digital future. AI, IOT, Hackers, Big Data, Genomics — They are all yours to harness for the good of man and womankind. Here is your roadmap to confidently leveraging what is about to explode your potential business opportunity. Read it and reap."

Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media, Inc.

"Many people use the words "innovation" and "disruption". Few people fully understand them. Minter and Caleb are two of the people who do. "Futureproof" will help you to navigate your way through the minefield of innovation (needing to do existing things faster) and preparing for a world of further disruption (where existing business models become obsolete). Learn about the difference between Pi-shaped people and comb-shaped leaders, and educate yourself with everything you need to know about the twelve technological forces which will shape our future. You won't be disappointed."

Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM

"A book with soul and intelligent insights that takes you on a journey so vast and exciting that you need to take a deep breath.

Then keep diving in.

All business leaders and entrepreneurs need to read and heed its message if they want to take their company boldly into the future. An adventure into new possibilities that is all about transformation in a digital age.

Ignore its message at your peril."

Jeff Bullas, CEO at Jeffbullas.com pty

"Today, neither agile, precarious startups nor lumbering, momentum-merry global corporates have the formula for endurance. The new world requires a responsive business but it demands accountability. Old models put profits first - new ones, social impact. Futureproof offers a playbook for the scary and thrilling landscape that all companies are now forced to operate in. It's both eye-opening and educative, yet fiercely practical. No one in business should be without it."

Rod Banner, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Investor


The importance Of purpose and values.

Why do I personally need to bother with learning, ethics or cyber security?

The way some organisations collaborate, you wonder who the enemy is.

The Web
What’s so important about Social Media, eCommerce, eLearning and Peer to Peer?

I wouldn’t say I’m really addicted to my phone.

What happens if the cloud disappears?

I’ve got security nailed. Capital letter, familiar word, 2 numbers, and exclamation mark.

Internet of Things
Do we really get to have robots at home?

Artificial Intelligence
What am I thinking now. And now?

Big Data
What do they do with all our data anyway?

If I’d bought a few thousand Bitcoin earlier, I’d now be a zillionaire.

3D Printing
Can you print me a time machine?

Energy Storage
When will my phone last me a week?

Self/Assisted Driving
The days of mum being taxi driver are numbered?

What won’t we be able to cure?

what others are saying

"The opposite of Future Shock is future proof. Either sit still or move! It’s the latter that Dial and Storkey have outlined for you here. Adapt or die!"

Brian Solis, Best-selling Author, Award-winning Digital Analyst, Futurist and Human

"Future proof is the very rare book that’s both clear-eyed and hyper-relevant. It somehow manages to poke holes in the “everything is disruptive” narrative, while simultaneously scaring the bejeezus out of you about disruption. Highly recommended!"

Jay Baer, President of Convince and Convert and Author of Hug Your Haters

"Futureproof provides a very practical guide for businesses with a sensible three-prong approach to implementation. Importantly, Caleb and Minter astutely put collaboration and responsibility as a core mindset. Use this as a desktop reference to guide your company and career."

Jeremiah Owyang, Founder, Crowd Companies

"This is a book that challenged me and made me think at every turn. It disrupted my mind!"

Mark Schaefer, Consultant, Speaker and Author of KNOWN

"There are usually two responses to hearing about 'disruption': panic or denial. Futureproof gets beyond that with helping you decide what kind of a leader you want to be in the face of constant change, with a roadmap for success."

Scott Monty, CEO & Co-Managing Partner of Brain+Trust Partners

"We are acutely aware of the disruption to business models and the challenge of long-term thinking and planning. Although this can be set as a Boardroom task and delegated down, disruption starts with a mindset. Caleb and Minter's amazing book is written to challenge business minds and help practically implement the technology, enabling organisations to realise the shift and develop the skills to succeed. Incredibly stimulating and thought-provoking. A must read for all. Someone is planning to eat your food; make sure you improve your business so you and your families don't starve."

Penny Power, OBE Digital Entrepreneur, Enabler and Educator

"A refreshing, clear, concise and wonderfully actionable look at the changing business landscape and the transformative power of disruption. A superb provocative guide to the power of the new with clear steps on how leaders can drive change and unleash their potential. More than anything else this book makes the complex seem simple, refreshingly jargon free."

Tom Goodwin, ​EVP, Head of Innovation, Zenith Media

"Caleb and Minter's latest book shares great insightful stories about disruption. Why it matters, why it can be hard and easy at the same time, and what you can learn from others. Definitely a must read."

Eric Gervet, AT Kearney Lead of San Fansisco Office

"Not incremental, but disruptive and accelerating: these are the most visible characteristics of our era. But what is it made of?

The book gives you 12 key driving forces of this upcoming revolution… Reading it not only helps to understand but lets you better focus on what is important and what is not. For everyone, student, retired, business executive entrepreneurs…"

Giles Babinet, Digital Champion at France European Commission, Entrepreneur, ex. Chairman at French Digital Council and Africa 4 Tech

"Futureproof is a handbook to the communication and technology issues impacting organisations and modern society. Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey are your guides. It’s an upbeat and thought-provoking book that urges us to embrace the opportunity created by disruption. Most importantly it’s practical. The authors outline 12 forces of disruption that are an excellent foundation for benchmarking your organisation and a start point for planning for disruption."

Stephen Waddington, Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum Visiting Professor, Newcastle University

"In Silicon Valley, we’re obsessed with disruption. What must you do to prepare for accelerating challenges and opportunities for your customers and your markets? How will you embrace change and take decisive action in a world of increasing uncertainty? Thought leaders Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey discover the deeper insights that expose the next epic shift at work in Futureproof - How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption."

Mark C. Thompson, NY Times Best-selling Author of Admired and Executive Coach for Growth Companies


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"Minter and Caleb's book should be required reading for marketers because it's not about marketing; rather, it's a deep dive and 'how to' on harnessing the disruptive forces impacting every job description. Their holistic analysis is a toolkit for any business leader on embracing change, but it's a particularly potent call to arms for marketers and communicators who need to narrate it."

Jonathan Salem Baskin, Author and President, Arcadia Communications Lab

"Practical, inspiring, and rigorously researched. The authors are immersed in the world of disruptive innovation and usefully share the thinking and skills that we need to deal with in the future. My mindset was definitely shifted, and I can’t wait to bring that to my work."

Dave Duarte, Chief Executive Officer at Treeshake

"Disruption is near to my heart and in the legal sector I’ve seen large law firms not take innovation seriously enough. In Futureproof, Caleb and Minter not only outline the core mindsets needed to be an entrepreneurial leader but provide an outstanding practical guide to implement these technologies both into your team and into your business. I so completely recommend it. If you’re working in a startup, it’s a no brainer; get a copy for all your team."

Alexandra Isenegger, CEO of Linkilaw - The Legal Platform For Startups

"In Futureproof, Caleb and Minter have shown why they have become key persons of influence in the world of new tech and business leadership. This book is a must read for any entrepreneur or business executive who needs to figure out how to deal with the avalanche of new tech opportunities. Futureproof will definitely help you alter and adapt your mindset."

Daniel Priestley, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Of Dent Global, and Best-selling Author